First Impressions Are Everything / Touchdown U​.​S​.​A.

by Brimstone Blondes

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2016 IS THE YEAR THE BLONDES COME BACK // recorded at $ell $ell $ell! Studios in Manhattan // cover art by MDL // kitchen photo by Tess O'Leary // logo by Brianne Malloy


released April 28, 2016

Brimstone Blondes are

Matthew Danger Lippman
Johm Yonkers
Dan Keegan
Andy Kim
Dylan Maida

The A-side engineered by Johm and Travis de Jong; the B-side engineered by Johm // A-side features Eowyn on vocals

Songs written by MDL



all rights reserved


Brimstone Blondes Buffalo, New York

Past members:

- Matthew Danger Lippman
- Alex Mersinger
- Jacob Cohen
- Joey Rambell
- Olivia Hastings
- Arden Yonkers
- Dan Keegan
- Dylan Maida
- Andy Kim

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Track Name: First Impressions Are Everything
My name is Matthew Danger Lippman
I’m a beautiful creature and I’m falling apart
My words are filled with piss and glitter
There are concentration camps within my heart

And there are bridges burning in my rearview
That mirror vacillating serotonin in my brain
And you can try to sum it up and write it down
But it’s too much to explain

How can I make my flaws appealing?
I want to get you to hear me sing
How can you wait to get to know me
When first impressions are everything?

I’m being born!

My name is Matthew Danger Lippman
I’m a raging tornado, I’m a sight to see
I hold my muse up to the mirror
To discover and uncover that my muse is me

And there are bridges!
There are bridges!
There are bridges burning down

How can I even go to sleep, man?
I want to stay up and see what dawn will bring
How can I wait to get to know you
When first impressions are everything?
Track Name: Touchdown U.S.A.
Friday with Frida, the Brooklyn waitress
You’re looking quite pretty in your Sunday dress
And you kiss me and you ask about my day

You’re quite the difficult nut to crack
And I’m an intimacy-phobic acrobat
And your boyfriend, he’s on tour in the U.K.

You know that I know that he exists
Unspoken jealousy that turns and twists
And it comes out in the snide remarks I say

And I don’t wanna seem like I’m getting hung up on labels
That’s why I’m here in the first place
But I’m so hung up on you, god, I’m so cliche
But your breath quickens too
You can’t always be this cool

Touchdown U.S.A.